Thanks to our Community Donor Circle, the JCC is able to provide meaningful and unique programming options that engage and enrich every member of our community. We are able to build community, and a warm, welcoming place to belong. We can perpetuate a strong Jewish identity and connection to culture and values.

Thanks to you, we can create a place to learn, a place to play, a place to grow up, a place to grow old, and a place for you to call your own.

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Arts & Culture

The arts bring us together with exhibits, film screenings, author lectures, theatrical productions and dance recitals. Thanks to our donors, we come together to welcome new worlds into ours, opening our eyes and minds to a diversity of ideas.

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Early Childhood Centers

Children of all faiths begin their journeys in our preschools. This is where a world of firsts awaits them, where they become part of a community, learn Jewish values and traditions, are respected, nurtured and loved.  Children go on from the preschools prepared for their next adventure.  

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Jewish & Israel Programs

You donations help to make sure that our “tent” is large and hospitable – where everyone is welcome regardless of their beliefs.  We provide opportunities, not prescriptions – so that people connect at the JCC on their own terms.  Together, we are one community, informed by universal Jewish values, that invites everyone to our celebration of culture and traditions. 

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Senior Adult Programs

Where else do you have the same friends at the same place for 75 years – or even a new best friend at 80? Here you can find community at every age.  Funds in support of the senior adult programs help our families and friends live well and independently.  

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Sharks Swim Team

Children join the Sharks where they first test the waters of teamwork, spirit, competition and sportsmanship.  As Sharks swimmers, they discover the joy of accomplishment, victories and friendships that they will cherish forever.  Donations to the Sharks help our swimmers continue to build character through camaraderie and community.

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Camp Shalom

There is nothing quite like summer camp.  Campers at Camp Shalom and the other JCC camps grow in ways that can only happen during their summer vacations – when life skills and lessons are learned, friendships are created, and confidence is built.  Your support helps us to turn summer into a lifetime of memories.

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Family Room

Being a parent is both gratifying and overwhelming, which is why the Family Room – a safe, warm and welcoming destination for young families – is so important.  Gifts to the Family Room make it possible for parents and children to learn and grow together at the JCC. 

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Recreation & Wellness

The Mandell JCC makes us a stronger community in many ways. Children first find out that fitness is be fun and seniors stay healthier and live longer.  Our welcoming, non-intimidating environment encourages wellness and healthy habits through an impressive array of classes, equipment and expert staff.

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Special Needs

We are committed to being an inclusive community, and that is never clearer than when you see people with developmental disabilities participating in JCC activities. Welcoming everyone, regardless of their abilities, is what community is truly about.   The community’s support makes it possible for everyone to say “I belong here.”

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Youth Theater

Our children’s talents take center stage as they come together to produce one big and wonderful show.  The self-confidence, friendships, and memories are all made possible in the JCC’s Youth theater programs.   Your gifts to Youth Theater help every child feel like a star.