This Birthday Takes the Cake

“I celebrated my birthday on the last day of Passover. I am not normally one to make a big deal about birthdays. But this year was a little different. My Pandemic Passover birthday made me a bit more reflective. Having spent the last 12th of this year with the same 4 other people (and dog), I am reminded how lucky I am.

I married someone that I love, and our kids are doing better than can be expected. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and most importantly, as far as we know, everyone we love has avoided getting infected.

So, I decided to put my birthday to good use. I started a Facebook Fundraiser to help raise money for the Mandell JCC. I asked my friends and family that instead of taking me out dinner, or buying me a drink (which they can’t do anyway), to make a contribution to the Mandell JCC.

As a board member of the JCC, I am aware of how the
closure of the facility has impacted our financials. But also, I have never been prouder of the JCC than I am now.
The quick transition that was made to a FREE virtual platform; open to members and non-members was astounding. The dedication that our staff has put in trying to engage people from their living rooms and basements and kitchens beyond belief. The hours that are being devoted planning for the eventual re-opening are too many to count.

So by having my birthday fundraiser, and raising a little money for the JCC, I feel like I contributed just a little to making sure that the Mandell JCC is will able to remain the leader in Jewish communal life in Greater Hartford.”

Karen Tuvin, Mandell JCC Board Member,
Sharks Swim Team Parent, ECC Alumna


My Birthday Celebrates the JCC