Taking the Show on the Road

When the pandemic struck, ECC teachers Robin Ober and Teresa Wilson jumped in their cars and took their show on the road-visiting their students twice a week for driveway chats to ensure that the children felt connected to some sense of normalcy. When not on the road, they were Zooming with their kids- reading stories and doing fun activities to maintain their pre-pandemic curriculum plans and ensure that the learning never stopped. “We wanted to create a safe place in a scary time,” says Teresa.
Robin and Teresa made themselves available to parents 24/7 and held a Zoom family night as well as a welcome back picnic before school restarted. “We have developed very strong relationships with these families. Even though we were apart, we formed closer bonds than ever,” adds Robin.

With Robin and Teresa’s care, the students have seamlessly returned to the classroom and adjusted to their new routines of wearing masks and handwashing. While they miss holding hands, they are excited to be playing a role in planning their own curriculum.

It wasn’t just the kids who loved seeing Robin and Teresa pull up to their homes. Here is what some of the parents had to say:
“Robin and Teresa made a very lonely and isolated time for Molly, for all of us, so much better and more familiar. They provided consistency in Molly’s otherwise unstructured day. The Zooms and activities made us all feel part of the usual ECC community and for that, I am grateful. When I shared that Molly was having a particularly hard day, Robin and Teresa showed up for an outdoor visit within two hours that turned Molly’s entire afternoon around. These are the type of special teachers these two women are.”
- Amanda Katzman, Parent of Molly

“We worried about how the pandemic would it affect our son’s school and his ability to have a normal, safe experience. Our teachers and school did not miss a beat! The ECC, Teresa, and Robin supported all families. Distance learning for a toddler would seem scary and impossible, but when you have two amazing, engaged and caring teachers, it felt like we could get though anything. The humor and compassion that was shown through all the ZOOM calls and social distance driveway chats, made our son feel connected and special. The connection Teresa and Robin made with our son during the school year, and especially during COVID-19, will stay with our son forever. The transition back to a sense of normalcy was as smooth as possible as the ECC and all teachers put everything in place to care for our children, providing a level of safety and security, and amazing care and education. Robin and Teresa made it easy for a household of healthcare workers to feel comfortable sending our son to school every day.”
- Marc Goldberg, Parent of Wyatt


ECC teachers Robin and Teresa welcome their classroom back to school.

ECC Teachers Keep Up Connections With At-Home Visits