Our Donors - Why They Do It - Steven Greenspan

"It’s hard to imagine my life in this community without the Mandell JCC. My journey at the JCC began in the 1960s when my sister Jill, brother John, and I attended Campareenah and Camp Shalom. I have stayed connected by spending most Sunday mornings for many decades playing basketball, on both the old and new JCC courts.

My long relationship with the JCC has enabled me to benefit from the amazing sense of community and that’s what the JCC is all about. So, it was only natural that my family would experience the same sense of belonging. Each of my children, Michael, Robert, Rachel and, most recently, Eva, attended the ECC. It brought my wife EJ and me steady comfort, on every one of the school days at the ECC, that the children were safe and loved by the staff, and were getting a great pre-school education with a proper dose of Jewish culture.

Even more special was that daughters Rachel and Eva both have appeared in many musicals on the JCC stage, with the highlight being Eva playing the role of Cat in the Hat in “Seussical the Musical” earlier this year - the same role that Rachel played on the same stage in 2009!

This powerful continuity inspires EJ and me to make the JCC our most important philanthropic priority. The JCC continues to provide a strong support system for my family, just as it has steadily delivered support and services to so many families in our community. That’s why EJ and I support the Mandell JCC in the most meaningful way we can as Pillars members. We believe that giving to the JCC is a vital investment in the future of the community in which we live."

Steven Greenspan
Board Member, Community Donor Circle Member,
JCC Member since 1960s, ECC and Youth/Teen Theater Parent


The Greenspan children all benefited from the ECC education.