A Bravura Performance for our Teen Troupe

We received this email from Erica Smith-Rapaport, our Theater Program Director/Producer, after the recently completed production of “Matilda.”

I was very proud of the Matilda cast. Our program has grown to 37 teens from all over greater Hartford. As actors, singers, dancers, stage crew, dressers, makeup design and spotlight operator they brought their skills to the theater and made the room electric with their activity. This was not an easy show. The music was challenging with lyrics that kept coming and coming (“when do I take a breath?” was a popular question by the actors). The choreography was incredible and made the audience feel the message of the music. The development of characters and accents were discussed and blocked and revisited often.

The actors were asked to take risks. How does a group of teens who live great lives relate to the story of Matilda and convey the feelings of the kids who were being mistreated? With patience, conversation, and understanding they allowed themselves to be vulnerable and channel the emotions. What I found to be most magical was the kindness and support they gave each other. They cheered for one another, gave hugs and pats on the backs, and provided so much encouragement.

It has been quite a number of years since a teen show had sold out performances. This proud troupe had a strong opening night and the weekend brought 2 full house sellouts!


Sellouts and standing ovations for “Matilda.”