Thanks to our Community Donor Circle, the JCC is able to provide unprecedented access to meaningful and unique programming options that engage and enrich every member of our community. We are able to build community, and a warm, welcoming place to belong. We can perpetuate a strong Jewish identity and connection to culture and values.

Thanks to you, we can create a place to learn, a place to play, a place to grow up, a place to grow old, and a place for you to call your own.

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  • Develop close-knit family relationships in a nurturing community environment.

  • A place for parents and children to learn and grow together.

  • Provide high quality programming which helps develop healthy, confident children.

  • Provide support from early childhood professionals.



  • Create an engaged and connected community; camaraderie.

  • Create healthy bodies which lead to strong minds.

  • Get fit and have fun doing it.

  • Offer classes for all ages/abilities, find a fitness program that is right for you.



  • Keep seniors intellectually stimulated through educational and cultural arts programs, as well as interpersonally engaged through socialization programs.

  • Allow seniors to maintain their independence and even improve the quality and length of their lives.

  • Provide newcomers and widowed seniors opportunity to make new friends and build their new lives, especially Jewish seniors who share the same cultural background.



  • Offer a sense of community; young families come together when parents most need to learn from and support one another.

  • Provide more than a pre-school; a conduit to a wealth of onsite programming that can be accessed during school day (fitness, wellness, and fine arts).

  • Introduce Jewish and non-Jewish children to the first idea of school and universal values like kindness, generosity and friendship.

  • Ensure our children are not just prepared for the world ahead, but filled with the confidence and inspiration they’ll need to succeed in it.

  • Provide educators that possess experience and passion. We invest in their learning through workshops, and seminars.

  • Place premium on family engagement, partnerships. Support them on their parenting journeys.



  • Provide summer experiences that last far longer due to the lessons they teach, the friendships they create and the confidence they instill.

  • Create camp experiences that build character, strengthen values and make treasured memories for thousands of children.

  • Ensure that there is no better place to be a kid in the summer: day camps, specialty sports clinics, arts and theater programs, plus the Swim & Tennis Club.



  • Build character through camaraderie.

  • Offer children the opportunity to first test the waters of teamwork, competition and sportsmanship.

  • Create opportunity to join one of New England’s most respected teams; a member of USA Swimming.

  • Allow families to come together as one community — volunteering, pitching in and cheering young swimmers who are discovering the joy of participation and accomplishment.



  • Create opportunity to work with new friends to bring a play to life.

  • Create benefits not just for children, but for the parents, grandparents, family members and friends who have sat in our audiences for generations...and performed in our plays themselves.



  • Perpetuate the only institution in Greater Hartford committed to promoting Jewish values through culture.

  • Sustain the Jewish Book Festival which hosts author programs throughout the year; the Jewish Film Festival which hosts an annual 10-day festival featuring documentaries and narrative films from around the world; and

  • the Chase Family Gallery which hosts exhibits of local, national and Israeli artists.

  • Offer a diverse opportunity to be enlightened entertained, explore new ideas, and to become further involved in your own Jewish journey both individually and through JCC relationships.

  • Bring the community together, stimulate conversation on important topics and encourage community involvement. Find deeper connections to the Jewish experience.



  • Perpetuate valuable life lessons.

  • Opportunity for high school kids to hone their craft to compete in school.

  • Create opportunity for kids to stay active, healthy and connected with their community.

  • Allow kids to form lifelong friendships.